Empowered Learning Systems Pvt. Ltd. (ELS) has established Wild Country Learning (WCL) as its outdoor training division, to impart the Learning in the Outdoors program, based on principles of experiential learning. ELS has been partnering Corporate Businesses for over 10 years in building capability and transforming business through consulting, training services and organization processes. We, at ELS, believe experiential learning is a powerful learning medium and we encourage our corporate clients to participate in our customized Learning in the Outdoors programs designed to achieve their specific objectives.

- K Jayshankar, Managing Director

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The lesson, he wrote, was that "Organisations that do not have a heritage of mutually accepted
shared values tend to become unhinged during stress"

Jerry Useem in "Upward Bound"

We shall not cease
from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place
for the first time

- T. S. Eliot
"Little Gidding", 4th Quarter

....why must one read books before one can be considered learned?
- Tsze Lu
Aide to Confucious,
asks hisMaster


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