Ever tried crossing a railway bridge high over a mountain stream? Trying to match the rhythm of your steps with the gaps between the sleepers of the railway track and at the same time defying the temptation of glancing downwards.

Have we not seen such scenes? Of the anxious parent ordering the unruffled child climbing the mango tree, to come down this very minute! Of the heart-in-mouth bystander, feet firmly on ground but still just not able to look up at the screaming fair-goers on the giant Ferris wheel having the thrill of their lives!

Is it really that we fear heights or that we lack confidence in our ability to cross the tracks without missing a step? Or that we lack the confidence in the abilities of the self-confident child to comedown safely? Or that we have grave doubts about the giant wheel remaining upright at the speed of its turn? Rock climbing and rappelling, we believe, has the answers to these questions.

Rock climbing refers to the sport of going up, while rappelling is the sport of coming down. Either way it develops trust, self-confidence and confidence in the abilities of others, leadership skills, decision making and judgment.

Climbing types can vary from the relatively simpler boulder climbing to the arduous mountaineering. Climbing could be aided, with the use of ropes, bolts, etc., or unaided - use of bare hands! In rock climbing and rappelling protection has to be taken against falling down and from falling debris. The safest means of climbing is the use of sturdy rope anchored securely at the top, the means normally used for initiating beginners to rock climbing & rappelling.

Our facilitators and outdoor experts personally ensure the best practices for rock climbing and rappelling. The equipment used for Wild Country Learning (WCL) organized expeditions are of UIAA standards, the standards issued by the International Federation of Mountaineering Associations for climbing equipment safety and reliability. The equipment is frequently replaced with fresh stocks to safeguard against dangers due to wear & tear.

WCL has over 40 locations to offer for rock climbing and rappelling but the favorites are the locations in the vicinity of
Lonavala / Khandala, Singhgad, close to Pune, Ramnagaram, close to Bangalore and Manali and Leh up in the North.


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