Horse Riding

Today, when one talks of horses, one immediately relates it to racing or the buggy ride at the nearby "chowpatty" or beach side plaza. However if one were to travel through the ages one discovers the important role the horse has played in the evolution of man. Be it as a domesticated companion, as a mode of transport, as an agricultural aid or even as a war machine, the horse has been a true ally of mankind. But back to today, the horse has served its purpose and it has been replaced by "horsepower" driven machines. The common man and the horse have just drifted apart.

So what happens if one is suddenly thrust upon a horse? Does one get attacked by the fearful, untrusting horse or one just panics, drops the bridle and scoots as far away as possible. In all probability it will be the latter! The magnificent species from the animal kingdom is intelligent and sensitive alright, like any other animal, but the centuries old domestication has resulted in it becoming trusting and friendly. The common man of today has simply lost his relationship with the horse resulting in apprehension of the unknown reaction.

Rohan More and his team of Starburst, Naomi, Battalion, Babushka and many others at the Japalouppe Equestrian Centre have, since August 1999, when they started the centre, proven over and over again that they are most gentle and trusting.

Wild Country Learning (WLC) have conducted many a Learning In The Outdoors programme at Japalouppe to telling effect. The activities involving the horses help in developing trust, overcoming fear and in developing effective communication skills. The Japalouppe centre is at Talegaon Dabade, which is about 50 minutes away from Pune


Paragliding makes use of a specially constructed parachute that facilitates gliding and staying airborne for considerable periods of time. The control lies with the paraglider (or pilot) through the use of the cords of the parachute and by adjusting the body weight. However, suitable wind conditions are absolutely essential, it would be extremely dangerous otherwise.

WCL organises paragliding events at Manali, in Himachal Pradesh. The instructers are veterans and are qualified and competent to train.

And Still More?

WCL is aware that there are many other adventure activities and would like to offer them to our esteemed customers. However, promotion of Learning In The Outdoors and adherence to safety parameters are important criteria for selection of the activities. So suggestions are welcome and we shall be only too happy to introduce the events in our repertoire provided, of course, they meed the criteria mentioned.


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