At Wild Country Learning (WCL), we are serious about Safety, Health and Ecological safeguards, so that our customers can have fun!

Adventure, by its very meaning, signifies danger, a fact we, at WCL, have accepted, and we believe is the reason why adventurism is so popular! However, a committed team using tried and trusted practices ensures that all activities conducted by WCL are enjoyable, memorable and SAFE. Our track record of 9 mishap free years justifies our claim.

Safety : For every event organized by WCL there is a meticulous code of conduct devised, constantly reviewed and revamped based on our experiences, new developments and new insights. The basic elements of the code are:

Preparation : Every event is planned to the minutest detail. The plan is compared with a checklist for the event and validated for any loose ends. The plan considerations are:

  • the WCL team - experienced, competent, expert lifeguards and trained first-aid providers, excellent crisis managers…only the very best are appointed as event managers / leaders. The team's expertise is regularly refreshed with training programs on skills essential for their trade such as anchoring techniques, climbing safety, etc.. Their knowledge is also regularly updated on the latest European safety / rescue techniques and usage of advanced safety equipment.
  • the Customer profile - group synergy, individual abilities, training needs are evaluated well in advance of the event. An assessment of physical and mental condition is made before allowing participation.
  • the Location - uniqueness, terrain, grading, logistics are the factors taken into consideration.
  • the Equipment - We make no compromise on quality and quantity. Best quality international grade equipment is used and sufficient redundancy is created to take care of emergencies. All mountaineering & trekking gear is of the international UIAA (Union Internationale Des Associations D'Alpinisme) standard. For the water-based activities we use only US Coast guard approved life jackets, rafting boats, paddles & helmets. At frequent intervals, as per the international practice, used equipment is disposed off and replenished with fresh stock.
  • the Gear - Comfortable, sturdy and protective gear suitable for the event is prescribed.
  • the Transport - Arrangements are made not just for conveyance but also for emergencies and for transportation of communication equipment, event gear & equipment and medical supplies.
  • the Communication facilities - are of the nature of Mobiles, Radio or HAM services, and even Transceivers for snowbound emergencies.
  • the Medical facilities - all the basic medical and first-aid supplies are available at hand on the spot. Provision for emergencies including evacuation, common health problems and natural hazards are made with the local hospital and Primary Health Center in close proximity to the venue. As a result Doctors are on call round the clock. Still, we don't take any chances, we stock our own supplies of fresh emergency medicines like antidotes for snake venom, just in case the local health center has exhausted theirs.
  • the Boarding - Arrangements are made for wholesome and hygienic food and refreshments. Generally, the food is vegetarian, cooked in typical Indian style. Arrangements can be made for non-vegetarian, Continental and Chinese food if so desired by the customer. We carry mineral water not only for drinking but also for cooking purposes.
  • the Lodging arrangements - Comfortable and hygienic hotel/motel/inn is organized for a relaxing stay after a hard days outing. International standard camping arrangements are made for sleeping & relaxing, toilet and bathing. We keep ecological safeguards uppermost in our minds.
  • the Event Activities - We devote a lot of attention to the safety aspect while devising management training programs, relaxation activities, icebreakers and games.

Conducting the Event: We diligently follow the plans and code of conduct for the benefit and enjoyment of all:

    • Group activities only - Ensure synergy amongst participants.
    • Strict Discipline - is maintained.
    • Rules - are explained and adherence is ensured.

We never forget that we are just the catalyst; the event belongs to the participants, ALL of whom should be able to experience the thrill. "There are two kinds of adventurers: those who go truly hoping to find adventure and those who go secretly hoping they won't" William Trogdon, 1939-, American Author. We respect this statement. We do not believe in compelling participation but we do make all efforts to encourage active participation through counseling. After all, the participant has enrolled not to sit by the sidelines and see everyone else enjoying themselves.

Hazards & Safeguards: Nature in all its beauty and majesty mesmerizes man to speechless awe, but underlying dangers lurk at every point. All our activities are held in the proximity to nature, faraway from urban controlled environment. Ecological disasters have not only destroyed nature but also resulted in the destruction of man's subsistence. It is our endeavour to convert a situation of man versus nature into - man with nature.
Health Hazards - The safety and health of the participant can under no circumstances be compromised. As the first step we have identified the causes and then provided for safeguards against them.

Causes of ailments & Injuries -

  • Unhygienic food and refreshments
  • Poisonous vegetation
  • Poisonous snakes, scorpions and spiders
  • Animal attacks
  • Unobtrusive quicksand
  • Swirling whirlpools
  • Hidden deep crevices and
  • Crushing avalanche.

Health Safeguards -
Tips for a safe outing

  • Shoes, caps and drinking water a must
  • Travel in groups helping each other
  • Adhere strictly to hygienic food norms
  • Follow instructions of trained and experienced staff who have the ability to identify
    • tell-tale signs of health hazards and take protective and preventive action
    • symptoms of common ailments and provide first aid
    • serious health cases and take expert medical help quickly.
  • Alcohol intake and smoking is a strict no-no.

Ecological Hazards -

  • Destruction - denuding of trees, vegetation and animals has resulted in wanton destruction of the environment.
  • Pollution is entirely man made - plastics, littering, burning of fossil fuels, etc.

Ecological Safeguards - We are particular about maintaining the ecological balance

  • We discourage
    • littering
    • cutting of trees
    • killing of animals
    • plucking of leaves and flowers
  • Biodegradable waste, which acts as good manure, is dumped in the wild, well away from water sources.
  • Non-biodegradable garbage is carried back to be disposed off in a suitable manner.

We did say we are serious about your safety and good health so that you could enjoy your tryst with nature. After all it makes good business sense to us!


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