If one just wants to get away from it all, Camping / Trekking is what Wild Country Learning (WCL) would prescribe. Roam amongst the awesome but enchanting beauty of nature, savor the sights of snow capped mountains towering in the distance, get a whiff of the scents of bright colored, dancing flowers, hearken to the singing of sweet-throated birds, sense the sharp sting of drizzle on cheeks. Truly it is heaven on earth.

Modern trekking has been in vogue in our country for quite some time, a legacy of the British, who on being enchanted with the beautiful countryside set up many quaint hill stations. The trekking path has been well trodden since then and most of them have resorts with adequate hygienic facilities where one can put up one's tired legs and get a good night's rest before setting out again. It is advisable to stick to the trodden path and travel with a guide or an experienced trekker who understands the terrain because nature can throw up some nasty surprises, especially in the snow bound areas.

Camping / Trekking provides to the overworked and stressed out executive just the right outlet to recoup and recharge for the challenges in the corporate world. Camps / treks can be undertaken by individuals but WCL recommends that it be undertaken by synergetic groups who set out with a common objective. The objectives could range from a simple weekend de-stressor to a full-fledged business strategy meeting far away from the corporate battlefield.

WCL has wherewithal to plan, organize and execute the complete expedition, from selecting the camp venue / trek path, making the bookings, organizing transport, guides, equipment & gear, camp cooks….the works. That's for starters. For the main course, WCL's organizes and conducts management training activities including de-stressing, skills development, management development, case studies throughout the days of the camp / trek. And for the dessert, the WCL teams ensures strict maintenance of safety standards, health and environment safeguards throughout, just to ensure that you have great fun while you are out there.

WCL can organize treks across the Himalayas at Leh, Manali, Corbett National Park and Rishikesh, across the forts in the Sahyadris, at Sariska in Rajasthan and in the Andaman Islands as well.


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