Wild Country Learning (WCL) has a variety of outdoor adventure sports to offer, which are an integral part of the Learnings in the Outdoorssm activities. These include:

White Water Rafting - building teams.

The thunderous roar, shocking bath of icy cold water, the contrasting white foam on ominous shiny black rocks jar your senses alive but you brush aside your emotions as you furiously paddle to keep momentum with your comrades in the dinghy. One suddenly realizes there is no question of every man (or woman for that matter) for himself. It is all or none. In those fleeting adrenaline-pumping moments the only thought is to do your part. As the speedy journey gets over and the collective hurrahs are yelled, the sense of relief gets swamped by a feeling of brotherhood after achieving what was thought to be impossible just a few seconds ago.

White water rafting is a team building adventure sport. It forces effective co-ordination, quick decision making and risk taking for the good of all. The sense of achievement is truly a collective one and it is common to see high fives, back slapping and hugging amongst the team members. The memories last for a long time and have a direct bearing in the work place.

WCL, through its associates - Southern River Adventures, organizes white water rafting at Dandeli National Park, Karnataka and Kundalika River, 40 KM from Nagothane village and 97 KM from Pune City in Maharashtra State. Both run for around 12 KM and have stretches, which are graded between 2+ and 4+. Good for the beginner as well as the advanced rafter. In the north, rafting expeditions are organized at Ganga Beach Camp at Shivpuri, UP.

WCL and their associates have maintained an impeccable safety record, having conducted over 10,000 rafting expeditions. No mean achievement but that's because we have made it a way of life. The steering of the raft is in the safe hands of our long-standing expert guides who know the terrain like the back of their hands. At Kundalika, we have surveyed the riverbed and removed all hazards but kept the adventure intact if not more exciting. Intensive training is provided to all beginners and the expedition is undertaken only after being satisfied that every single member is 100% fit and prepared to undertake the formidable journey. During the expedition all systems are at GO for effecting emergency first-aid, evacuation and hospitalization.


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